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About Us - Bach for Bees and Gardens

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Herbs, herbalism, healing and ART have been part of our family - enough to have the caduceus in my family heraldry.  I have always used herbal remedies privately in my clinic and Yoga Institute, and collected and drawn plants... even doodling them in my spare time. 

Wild Flowers

Our Story

Dr. Edward Bach brought us the consciousness, energy  and the power of flowers with his therapy designed around 38 plants, not just flowers, but also back and leaves....which became  his 38 Flower Remedies.

 Although the energies of plants had been recorded long before him in Ayurvedic Medicine and herbalism, there was no easy, simple way for everyone to access this new way to save life and preserve it.  Edward Bach wanted everyone to be able to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and health and he made this possible.  We are taking a step further - introducing his flower remedies back into the garden, helping and healing , insects and plants make which our life not just pleasant, but possible.  We would not be able to exist without bees for instance


We don't just make remedies or cook from the botanicals we pick or observe - we draw them, or print them.  Please join us on one of our walks, or come to one of our monthly exhibits.  

NEXT TERM we will be having an exhibition of Tea bag art - BACH REMEDIES FOR BEES AND GARDENS.  You will also be able to purchase remedies for your garden and your bees.  If you want to be on our mailing list, please let us know.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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