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Beautiful hops, and three times the harvest I had last year.

Hops are not just for brewing beer, they can be used in many ways. They are a herb used for sleep disturbances, insomnia, tension, and anxiety. Even when I am drying and packing I have to be careful as just being near them makes me very drowsy. In the old days working in a hop-packing plant was dangerous, as the workers would suddenly fall to the ground in what seemed to be a coma. At the time it was not understood why - but now we know it is the chemicals in the hops, and the reason they are so valuable to us.

Hops works to enhance GABA levels in the brain. Research also indicates that the sedative effects of hops may come from its ability to lower body temperature. Lowering body temperature helps to bring about drowsiness and is an important part of the body’s sleep process.

I make a hop tincture for my clients, and if you have hops, you might like to make HOP GOLDEN TEA.

2 cups milk - your favourite kind.

1 heaping teaspoon of turmeric (the best you can get)

Half teaspoon of good cinnamon

Qtr teaspoon dried ginger or half an inch of fresh with the skin removed

1 cardamom pod,

Vanilla extract.

One fresh or dried hop flower (1 to 2 tablespoons)

Put these ingredients in a small saucepan and heat gently, strain into your favourite mug.

OR you could put the cardamom and the hops into a little tea strainer and when you have put the strained mix into the mug, empty the leaves and pod into a little tea infuser and leave them sitting in the mug for about 5 minutes (or more).


You will be able to find this recipe and more in my little recipe books. "MAKING BOOZY HERBALS" is in the Shop (and on Etsy), and I am nearly finished "POWDERS AND PEELS".

I will let you know when I have loaded it

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