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ACRES OF DOCK - your private SuperMarket

Look at the ground, it is a wonder anything will grow, but dock does. Not tough terrible dock, but beautiful, lush young leaves, perfect for pesto..

INGREDIENTS (I do it mum's way - hardly any directions, or quantities - everything by taste

A big bunch of dock

2 (big) cloves of garlic or more

A few turns of pepper and salt

Some kinds of peas/beans or carbs. Today I made a beautiful pesto with lentils. Save the water.

A tablespoon of crushed nuts

A tablespoon of parmesan

A splash of olive oil

Enough "bean water" to make the mixture move easily in the blender

Half a cup of avocado chunks (frozen/defrosted is fine)

A squeeze of lime or lemon

Whizz it all up, scraping down if it is a bit thick... taste, taste, taste to get it just right.

You can freeze in ice block cubes, and then bag up when it is frozen, and put the fresh pesto in a container in the fridge.

Use this wonderful pesto instead of mayo, on slices of toasted sweet potato, on toast, and as a dressing on your pasta.

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