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This image is one of my latest angel, not quite finished, but SOLD, although you can commission me. This one sparkles its way off the page don't you think.

Before 9/11 I had a vision of the towers coming down. I was not sure what to make of it. I saw the angels rising up, glorious to "heaven". In response i spend a number of years painting 1,000 angels.

Today the same has happened. The terrible things happening in the world, the innocents killed... I am once again urged to paint THE 1000 ANGELS PROJECT 11. It will probably take about 3 years - the last Project did. I have started painting angels all sizes and have even started producing cards made of angels on silk.

You can take the silk angel off the card and sew onto a garment, or frame, or whatever. People have been taking them to hospital, even pinning them on their operating gown. These are not just paintings, they have power.

A couple of nites ago I was visited by three angels. The cat was quite excited and has been sitting waiting for them since. There was a wind, and rattling of things in the room and then peace and quiet. A wonderful experience, and validation I think of what I am doing.

Change the world. One angel at a time.

Namaste - Jahne

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