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When I was in Argentina a bought this coat in Buenos Aires at a huge shopping mall called "The Bullring" (apparently the ancient site of such a place). I also bought a sweater or two, each beautiful.

The coat shown here has damage through and along the pocket edge and I decided to make a feature of it, rather than do invisible darning. The patches will be stitched down using the Japanese BORO technique which will totally renovate the pocket, and give the coat a new lease of life.

This started life as a little coat, it is now a felted bolero with BORO on the rather splendid feature collar, and down the back. I love it when clients try it on, and model in front of the mirror. Well, it is now finished, and if you would like to try it on, just cone around to the studio. I think it would fit 10 to rather large - one size fits all because of the clever cut.

I love doing these beautiful makeovers.... and look forward to remaking something for you. I will be putting things in the Mt.Macedon Gallery Wearable Art Parade on the 15th July.

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