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Although anything can happen, there were more folk at my TAROT Presentation at the Theosophical Society Bookroom (last Saturday at 1.30) than there usually is at church. I didn't count but there were people standing at the back of the room. People love the tarot. At the Anglican Church there are more people in the choir than in the body of the Church, and certainly no reason to stand at the back.

You can now purchase my cards, and soon my prints (and cards) at The Theosophical Bookroom at 234 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. Please pop in. The bookroom itself is wonderful and well worth the visit. They did save the beautiful doors from the old library but unfortunately they are mounted on the wall at the entrance, and no longer in use - although they are still robust.


As we discussed at the Bookroom. Reading the Tarot (or even painting the Tarot) is made hugely better by doing yoga and meditation. As I was leaving, Edward the President asked if I had thought about the vibrations received on the tea bags from the people who give me the bags. I had only done this in a casual way, but I will now pay attention. I do know that sometimes I can't use the bags because of how they feel, and sometimes the bags change the paintings... it will now be a consideration. Psychometry.

A COURSE: If you want to learn about my REVELATION TAROT - with a side helping of Rider Waite and other decks, I am going to have a course - the folk at the Theosophical Society wanted me to do one..... I will do it on Zoom I think so that you will be able to easily slot it into your days (evenings). Probably on a Thursday evening about 6.30. I have done Monday presentations at 6.30 for about four years now and the time suits most people.

There are 35 cards in my deck - 22 majors and 13 "friends and influences".... So we could plan on 10 weekly Thursday sessions, and work from there. The cost would be by the month, ($88 per person per month, or $260 a term to 2nd October the same as yoga), and you would get a certificate when we have covered the deck in its entirety.

Of course, you can always come here for a PERSONAL TAROT reading - I prefer readings in person - $85 per session. or QHHT (Past Life) $250 - definitely only in person, no zoom. Yes, I learned directly from Dolores Cannon in person! What a blessing!

Love and Blessings you, JAHNE.

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