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I only have FIVE TAROT DECKS left from my last shipment, and to get ready for the new stock to arrive I am letting them go at $65.50 but only from my etsy site.

Once these are gone I will be waiting for a new shipment to arrive - and obviously they will be more expensive. Actually these were all more expensive, but you have an end of term present.

So. If you want a deck, you can get them on the etsy site, and there is a free course if you need one at "jahne hope-williams youtube" What could be easier, and at the moment cheaper????

If you are a beginner in the tarot I have a BEGINNERS TAROT workshop next Saturday the 16th September at 2pm until 4. If you purchase a deck (and you are one of the first 5) you can come free of charge. If there are no decks left then you can come and a deck is included in the price of the workshop $55 (the $10.50 difference is to cover postage)

I look forward to seeing you - I hope you are one of the first 5 lucky clients....

Questions? Booking?

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