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J's GOST (Gallery)

No, I didn't for get the "H", GOST is what will be my GALLERY OF SMALL THINGS. I have always had a gallery in my yoga studio and home (or a yoga studio in my gallery), but this is a turn around. I will have a GALLERY OF SMALL THINGS (I am a miniaturist). The doll (felt sculpture) is one of mine. There will be tarot decks, tarot on tea bags, dolls, and more. I even hope for guest artists.

Last night I did a list (don't you love them!) of what needs to be done before i can open, and it was formidable. I had started, but need a list so I can stay on track. We may not get everything done, but I am on the way. Opening in October, just in time for Spring Racing when we will have people visiting the wineries (and our new gallery).

I will let you know ahead of time, and invite you to a preview (of course). Where? 37 Morris Road, Woodend of course...

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