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Dear Yogis,

As Steve Jobs said "Wow, Wow, Wow". He was dying at the time and saw something wonderful ahead of him. I can see something wonderful ahead of me, hence the "Wow, Wow, Wow". I am being introduced to wonderful fabrics, fabulous clothing, amazing fabric artwork and being allowed to play, to alter, change and restore. What a journey! It means that I can follow my passion to restore, refurbish and recycle, as well as work with lovely vintage cloth and clothes. Also paintings, drawings, toys - anything can turn up.

Thank goodness for yoga and breathing.

Working on cloth and items that are valuable and irreplaceable needs calmness and breathing.... and certainly no panic. I recall when I worked in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and was allowed to assist with the restoration of Russian icons. It was heart stopping stuff - thank goodness I didn't have the full responsibility for outcomes, but it was good training for calmness.

Walking home through the galleries, out into the streets of New York, then to Grand Central and home to Westport Connecticut was the stuff dreams are made of. Whilst this is not nearly as mind blowing (what is God doing here), it is never-the-less important and beautiful work, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to do it. Restoring personal "icons" no matter what they are, is always important work.

Talking about restorations.....This is the "Late" Bamiyan BUDDHA. Carved into

the Bamiyan Cliffs are the two niches of the giant Buddha statues (55m and 38m high - one shown here) destroyed by the Taliban in 2001, and numerous caves constructed in the 6th century. . If you look closely you can see people at his feet to give you an idea of size. It was horrific, a crime against humanity, however, it is hard to "out-God God", and what the bombing uncovered was 500 caverns behind the Buddha, some painted centuries ago, before the rest of the world understood about painting, or paint.

There is word that there are moves to restore the statues. The destruction brought them to the attention of the world, and we have not forgotten.

Please Google it, there is much to learn. If you don't know the history, and change in your own small way, it can happen again. The city that doesn't know its past can never move successfully into the future.


Windarring Yoga - Tues. x 2 +Thurs. x 1. (some Fridays)

STUDIO YOGA WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm (full) 2.15 Wed. Restorative 1pm.

TAROT READINGS AT THE STUDIO - Look forward to hearing from you. You can even come on the weekends, and I can do "doubles" - you and mum, maybe you and a friend.

THE YOGA LUNCHEON: As always the last Saturday in the month. The next at 12noon the 30th September - PUT IT IN YOUR DIARY NOW.. I have booked for us to go to The Full Moon in Woodend. Warm, "homey" and great food. I love the Nachos - with chicken - with prawns - vegan, or Mexican. Any of them are great.

UPCYCLING, RENOVATING. If your treasured items need re-imagining and mending, come see me - please make an appointment first.. I am pretty well booked until October (unless you are a regular who needs a skirt/pants tweaked), so keep that in mind. I am thinking of having a STEAMPUNK STRUTclose to Valentines day 2024, get back to me if you are interested in taking part.

SEE YOU IN THE STUDIO (and at the yoga lunch)


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