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"SCRUMPING" (Apple Foraging)

I love to "scrump", and around the Macedon Ranges I see apple trees that have self seeded by the roadside, none more lovely than this one within a short walk of my place.

The most wonderful walk I have had in ages - and came back with a load of apples and greens...

Winter is coming - probably not the most thrilling and uplifting first sentence, but winter is on the way, and I am getting ready. Nothing better than plenty of dried apples in the store room.



...are easy - apples and a dehydrator - that's all you need.


You can use an apple corer, and then just thinly slice the apples... this is all up to you.

The idea is to have thinly sliced apples without the core part. The thinner they are, the quicker they will dry.

It took about 3 hours on low for 12 apples thinly sliced to dry in my lovely dehydrator.


A lovely big jar of dried, sliced, apples tucked away for winter.

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