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KNOCK, KNOCK... Tarot calling

I didn't realise how attached I am to my own Tarot (the one I drew/channelled - REVELATION TAROT) until I started doing many readings. Now I have RW to the side and am preferring to use own, and getting such amazing insights - I hope you are too.

The world is so complicated, we are so luck to have the skills of tarot, pendulum, meditation and so on to help us make sense of where we are at.

For those requiring deeper knowledge, then perhaps our PAST LIFE readings will help. Not the cards this time, but by using the skills taught me by the late Dolores Cannon. I take you back (or forward) to your last life, and you can see for yourself the problems and where they originated. I can do a tarot past life reading, but the in person one is quite a bit deeper.

Speaking of tarot - James Wanless who designed THE VOYAGER tarot is in dire need of prayer. He was brutally attacked outside his Los Angeles home, and for a while hung by a thread to this life. But he has returned, so there are obviously more lessons to be learned.

I have his tarot, don't use it much yet... but it is interesting.

Don't forget, the TEA AND TAROT exhibition is still on at the Mt.Macedon Gallery next to The Trading Post. Please go see.

I look forward to seeing you soon. Jahne

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