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Money, money, money...

I know this is an ABBA headliner, but in spite of the economy, my projects, renovations and commissions are are racing in front of me. I don't know why, but they are!!!! Even getting sold before they are finished. What a turn up for the books.

This is JoJo wearing my favourite "waterfall" dress. I didn't really want to sell it so I took it home, only to find a regular client who came to give me a commission fell in love at first sight. She is tall, and wanted it to wear the dress in Germany this week - she imagined herself in the swinging Munich caffe scene wearing my creation - I was sold. Until you see it you can't imagine it - it flows around the body. I would have kept it, but you need to be tall!

I am renovating a corset, and have designed a corset to be attached to the next iteration of this dress. I will show you.

I am nearly finished the corset (you can see the tacking - such an intricate job and i learned heaps. It was like a University of "bones". Bones, Brocade, satin the works.

To the right is the (unboned) corset top for the next "waterfall Dress". I plan to make this dress very steampunk adding brocade, denim, chains - the gear. Very Sid & Nancy. Of course, if you want to commission something steampunk, wonderful, different, I am your gal. I love a challenge.

See you near the sewing machine. Come and visit my studio. Next time we will talk about renovating paintings... Namaste - Jahne

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