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It's time to meet up.

Just in case you have forgotten, I will be demonstrating my TAROT ON TEA BAG technique and be available to chat at The Theosophical Society Lodge at 234 Flinders lane in Melbourne. 1.30 to perhaps 3.30. I will be demonstrating the steps involved, and bringing cards, prints, and framed bits so you can see, and perhaps purchase, or be inspired to show and do your own.

If you are a member of the society this is a free presentation, if you are not a member then $2 donation is encouraged (almost free). The library is open until 4pm as is the bookstore. This is your chance to become a member and take advantage of one of the last metaphysical bookstores and library. Gradually they are disappearing, as this one will be if we don't support it. I have been a member from the days when they used paper files, and stamped a card by hand when you borrowed a book - and I loved it.

The new Lodge is fantastic - I must say that I was attached to the old one fusty and old fashioned though it had become. This one is clean and modern in lay out, but it will be some time until it has the atmosphere years bring.

I hope you can join me.

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