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One of my favourite paintings from my exhibition. This is The Ace of Swords from the Rider Waite Deck. This one in miniature on a coffee bag (I find Robert Timms to be the best). It is perfect to the original, although it is hard to tell the original colours.

To see my miniatures of all sorts, on tea and coffee bags, on ceramic in watercolour and acrylic....please pop along to The Mount Macedon Gallery tomorrow (Saturday 10th June at 2pm). The gallery is down the lane between the Church and the Trading Post on the Mount Macedon Road (not The Top of the Mount). You can visit Stephen Ryan's rare plant nursery next door. It is well worth the visit if you haven't made the trip.

If you can't come tomorrow, it will be open for a month - Please go to The Mount Macedon Gallery web site to see the hours. I will be there from 10am, and on Sunday at the Neighbourhood House in Woodend, also from 10am.

I look forward to seeing you. Want a commission, a pendant, a painting? email me and we can discuss, BUT you will have to wait until about August... I am very busy until then.

See you soon I hope.


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