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I should have photographed the full trays so you could see the difference. This is the result of two packed trays of plums and one tray of lemon peel. I am going to need lots to make powders of the peel, so right now i will just put them in a dry jar with a tight lid and store them. The plums I will just jar and store for the winter.

These are not critical items for storage, but they do make life a little more "sweet". I can reconstitute the plums in sugar syrup or water (or wine) for a lovely addition to dessert. The lemon peel can be made into a vitamin C powder, added to hot or cold teas, or (the French way) "Vin de citron".

You can tell by the trays that I have an old, round "Country Harvest"dehydrator. I bought this one because I could add to the trays.. but I never have needed to. It must be 25 years old now, and hasn't missed a beat. The timer is a bit iffy, but I can use a clock, so it doesn't really matter. Drying takes as long as it takes. That is the main thing to remember - you can't really estimate how long it will take exactly because of the difference in the moisture level of each bag of fruit.

My next booklet will be about powders and peels. I will let you know when it is in the shop and on etsy. Don't forget "MAKING BOOZY HERBALS" which is ready for you to download.

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