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Using a pendulum for divination or dowsing has been called Radiesthesia and it has a prominent place in the history of divination, and in my history. People who play with the pendulum are usually satisfied with the yes/no answers, but pendulums (after you have spoken with them as friends/advisors) can really answer with quite long and challenging concepts.

They can be used for healing, to shift energy, to locate items, for divination and lots more. I use my pendulum every day and have pendulums all over the house with different "specialities". It is one of my favourite tools to work with.

Program your Pendulums Movements Intention is everything. Program your pendulums movements by setting your intention for the way in which you want it to move in order to indicate the answer. You are in control and your intention is everything.

Asking the Questions. simply talk to your pendulum. When I first started, I would hold it over my left palm and ask it what I want to know as a yes/no question. Or you can work with charts and dowsing and have your pendulum point towards the correct answer. I have a large book with therapies and charts that I think would be helpful for my pendulum to answer any questions, particularly any health questions.

At present I am doing series of drawings entirely pendulum directed (see the photo above), and based on the chakras. I am hoping to make a set and present them to you so enable you to work with these energies in your studio or clinic.

In the meanwhile, PLEASE COME FOR A TAROT/PENDULUM READING. I would love to see you. For an appointment please email

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