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What is this you may ask. It is a rock in a plastic bag sitting on top of plums in vodka! Simple. Why? Well once you have placed your plums (or fruit) in vodka or vinegar, or whatever, they will look good for a while, then they will magically float to the surface. This will make them susceptible to mould and nasties.

I have used small jars filled with water, but how many of these do you have that are narrow (don't want them to take up fruit space).

I went to my local cook shop today (Mort and Pestle) and asked for Fermentation Weights. She doesn't have any and won't stock Chinese made. What to do?

I got some smooth river rocks, cleaned them, popped them in plastic bags (easy to put in and remove from jars). and "bingo!" fermentation weights. perfect! I could make macrame nets which would look better than plastic bags, but they will do for now. Try it. It works.

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