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...not just in my mind, but on the walls when I am sitting, or working around the house. This has been the signal to me to get up close and personal. If you have been putting off having a reading, now would be a good time.

I remember the first time spirit got my attention by knocking in this way. It would have been about 50 years ago. I was not the only one who heard it, my late husband also heard it and went outside to see where the knocking was coming from. Of course, no-one was there.

Then we started to hear heavy breathing in the night, and knocking at different places around the house. I know now to pay attention, and if I take action - do a reading for myself, (The Hermit was my major card today, so I am hunkering down to speak with Spirit), meditate or in other ways commune, the knocking or other stops (until the next time).

This time I meditated, and have let you know spirit is knocking, and have acknowledged spirit in other ways. I have temporarily stopped sewing, started tarot'ing, and things have calmed down. Whoever out there feels they need to get up-close-and-personal to the other side via a reading, you can always email, and we will organise a time.

The Card for today was speaking deeply to me. It told me that the Hermit did not become wise simply from reading books, but by taking the time to understand himself on the deepest levels. There is a light within you that can guide you along your path - Take some time to strip away the thoughts and feelings that are obscuring your clarity. Meditation will help you today.

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