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STAR GATE for you


An AMAZING, PRIVATECONSULTATION WITH JAHNEJahne’s energy will inspire and rejuvenate you, perfect for the new year.Your consultation will ignite your intuition and help you evolve to the star that you are.


As a perceptive and creative intuitive for as long as she can remember,  Jahne  gives you the insight, power, tools and map to create your future.

Whether for personal or business issues, her Readings are motivating and entertaining as you journey into your inner universe through the worlds of REVELATION TAROT AND THE GITA WISDOM CARDS (yes, she uses both and even has a qualification from Oxford University in England on  the Wisdom of the Bhagavadgita). 

No longer fortune telling, 21st century Reading with Jahne is about prosperity on every level (remember – prosperity  is part of the Purushatras – it is  not a sin to be prosperous).   

Consultations are an inspiring, empowering proactive process for creating your future! Using tarot as a GPS of the Souland creative intuition, new thinking tool, our sessions with author and creator of the Revelation Tarot Deck gives you a down-to-earth, doable road map for navigating your life.

Our Tarot readings are an wholistic pathway that calls upon your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental faculties for getting real results. Consultations with Jahne give you a memorable and deep symbolic picture-story for motivated, activated living going forward. The Revelation Tarot (and The Bhagavadgita) system is a proven mentoring technique for Personal Growth, Business, Relationships, Health and Sustainability.

Using your natural gifts and powers, REVELATION Readings with Jahne  give you the magical way that lives within you to manifest and realize your visions and dreams.

·       INSPIRATION - With a new vision of your life and world, you are uplifted by a positive and heartfelt passion for your potential and opportunities.

·       SELF-KNOWING - A keen and experienced observer Jahne determines your Resources, Challenges and Lessons, and turns your shadow sides and setbacks into stepping stones for growth and self-realization.

·       BALANCE - A yoga teacher for all of her adult life, and life-long student of the mystical, Jahne helps you structure your life so that your heart/mind/body and spirit are aligned and synergized so that you have the integration and diversity within to succeed.

“The formulation of the question is far more important than the answer.”

— Albert Einstein



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