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TAROT - I like weekend readings - I don't do back to back, just one Saturday one Sunday. They are relaxed and time expands somehow. They are always very revealing. During the week I do a morning or an afternoon reading, rarely in the evening because I get tired. Readings are tiring, especially being open for spirit for a longish reading. At the end of each reading I need a cup of tea and a little rest.

I had gave a very interesting Tarot reading this past weekend. I feel like saying I was present rather than giving the reading, because spirit was really up front...

The voices were clear and one card especially called the spirits forward. It was like I was standing back and Spirit was giving the reading. I know the voice, and I know to let it deliver without interruptions, which is a wonderful if unusual feeling (not scary at all).

The reading was full of stories, history, and anecdotes to assist in the understanding, and the different ways of looking at the card, so I hope that the client was as tuned in as I was, I think so. They came unsure of the cards, sceptical that tarot could be of use, and left a devotee. There was a sense of, if not urgency, then importance transmitted. Fantastically the most important cards were card top of the pack, and made themselves known right through the reading.

I will be interested to see any changes and would love to do a follow up.

How are you travelling - when are you dropping in for a reading. PLEASE MAKE AN APPOINTMENT at

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