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The other nite I was physically (in real time) visited by three angels. I dream angels all the time, but this was different - they were with me and the cat. They were tall, somehow taller than the room.. and the energy took up every space I could see all around me - like a house full of moving smoke.

I walked through the room a number of times to make sure I wasn't dreaming, but I wasn't... and the cat followed me in and out. When I just stood still and loved the experience there was a great sound of wind, the herb cupboard and the chimney rattled but I felt no breeze - just great peace and power. After they had gone the cat ran around the house madly looking for them - then she sat and waited.

I am painting angels for the same reason I have always painted angels - they asked me to. It was the right thing to do and it made me happy, even painting 1,000 angels the first time, the first 1,000 ANGELS PROJECT, which actually took years to complete. I loved the experience of painting every one. I learned the power of angels for everyone.

People told me of my angel paintings being taken to hospitals, framed near sick beds, the silk angels being worn for confidence, and children wearing the little silk angels in the dentists office and so on...

Now, as the world is in such a place of turmoil - Dolores Cannon says "transition" - I am painting angels again and hoping that you will take them to your heart. They are not just paintings, they are a representation of the angels I see and love. Angels that are taking care of you too.

These little angels are paintings of power and light. I am working up to BIG images, like the Angel Michael that hangs in my house and I can't at the moment part with. This angel was part of the first Angel Project. She is about four feet tall and an amazing presence. I also sold a painting called ANGELS OVER SUNBURY which has a part of my heart. It was a vision I had when standing on the hill outside Sunbury a long, long time ago. I might paint it again - but this time, ANGELS OVER MT.MACEDON, when I have room for a large canvas.

Namaste - Jahne

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