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TREE OF LIFE on a tea bag.....

I am excited. At the Zoom presentation to The Tarot Guild Australia on Sunday, I offered a challenge. Let's paint THE TREE OF LIFE on a tea bag. It is not that difficult after you have painted tarot images and faces on a tea bag.

I did a lot of research, and liked this image a lot, but the dark background and the minuscule detail may not translate, but i will see. It is a thrilling image, although my sketch on the tea bag only borrows from it, as well as others. I am not sure where it will finish.

When I am done I will have prints and cards made.... however, I would like to help you make one. Watch this space. I am not fabulous doing painting demonstrations on zoom, but I can learn. We could do the preparation as one session, and then the painting the next. This will give me (and you) time. The tea bag you can see is a Liptons tea bag because they have double bags you can undo.

See you soon. Jahne

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