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As Steve Jobs said. Unhappily they were his last words. Hopefully these are the first words of my new "art career"., which has a number of iterations. Tarot cards, miniatures and readings, Miniatures on Tea and coffee bags. Then there are the restorations. Clothing, bibles, curtains - you name it I fix it. I love repurposing things.

If you would like to see my work, then the exhibition will be at the gallery for the next couple of weeks.... then if you have something you need mending or repurposing, I am your girl. I get such enjoyment out of making something out of "nothing" or bringing objects back from the "dead".

My dolls have had a resurgence of popularity and you can find the latest at "The Red Barn" Antiques in Piper Street, Kyneton. The one they have at the moment is "Macbeth" complete with tartans and real remind. The are quite tall, about 2 ft. To call them dolls is not quite right, they are more like fabric sculptures.

If you would like to do what I do, or are stuck. Maybe a Tarot Reading would be good. Make an appointment and we can have fun with the tarot and (with Champagne. I hope to see you soon. Contact me for commissions (Not until the end of August) - I would love to make a miniature portrait.... read the tarot, or make a doll especially or you.

Love and blessings. Stay warm,


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