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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The angels were calling me....I love my art, I also love the fabric inspirations,  I had wanted to exhibit my work to you, but no matter how hard I tried I could not imagine how I could get you all at the one place to have an exhibition which you could all attend.

Enter my "gallery at home" and "On-Line, in my own special little studio. 

Now I can have a start date which you can attend.  

I can have previews, and special exhibits - and you can all come, either to the gallery or on-line 

Our Story
All work available by appointment at The Studio in Woodend or "on-line".

Operating in an increasingly global environment, our Studio and Gallery is constantly evolving. Within the last decade, the gallery has exhibited Jahne's work in  a variety of styles across a number of disciplines, including  TAROT/PENDULUM READINGS, painting, works on paper, graphics, photography, and waxed art on tea bags

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EVERYONE IS WELCOME AT THE STUDIO (and zoom) by appointment..

Artists of "small things" encouraged to submit work.

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Just look for the sign outside
or... you can email me (
for an appointment for a special viewing.

Artists encouraged to submit miniatures paintings and small art works.

Our Clients

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