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I come from a family of females who all know the value of herbs from the garden for healing...(and crafting).  The garden provided for us in the parks, in the bush and on the nature strips... along the railways, and along the creeks.

I have taken that knowledge and expanded it.  I am not a trained herbalist in the "diploma' sense, although I do have wall full of diplomas and an advanced diploma in Bach Flower Remedies.  

What makes the difference is the family history and my experience making remedies and using herbs for my entire life.  

Instead of rushing to the chemist, look into your gardens, forage in the forest, and see what is around you right now.  

In the year of our zoom classes you will learn.....

How to grow culinary and medicinal herbs in your garden

How to harvest herbs at the peak of potency and preserve them for future use

How to make herbal tinctures, teas, salves, and other herbal medicines

Which herbs to use for different health challenges

How to identify herbs in the wild and forage safely

How to use herbs to cope with stress naturally

How to make herbal meads

How to ferment with herbs to increase their potency and shelf life

How to work with beeswax

How to prepare an herbal apothecary for self reliance and security

Antiviral and antibiotic herbal alternatives you can make at home

Join the HERBAL NETWORK ZOOM TUESDAYS FOR ONLY $55 per month of zoom classes.


....and you can keep an eye out for our EBOOKS in our shop and on

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