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I have just started exploring  these again  since I spent years using the

old Polaroid SX70 technique - no longer available from polaroid (and I even

went to their head office in Amsterdam to discover the truth about their

discontinuation of this technology)


I am working on a series of these, which will be available in my studio,

on etsy,  

and here in the gallery.




The Tea Bag ART

I love them and I think you will too.  


I take iconic images from around our town (and maybe yours), iconic people,

and paintings,  THE TAROT and reduce them all to the size of a tea bag.... 

You can see my work on Instagram, or right here in my shop.  

EVERYONE IS WELCOME AT THE STUDIO (and zoom) by appointment..


"Embracing ‘Transpersonal Creative Alchemy’ we welcome the artist Jahne-Hope Williams to talk about and share her tarot inspired artwork.

Alister Crowley, the author of The Thoth Tarot was a mystic, a (dark) magician and a yogi - His art and life has inspired her work, which in the main relies on Rider Waite for clear and simple images, although for the purposes of this subject, whatever deck you prefer can be adapted"

Jahne embraces the process as being ‘challenging, metaphysical and difficult’ but looks forward to working with whomever comes along

TEA BAG CARDS and prints (above)

I have made the TEA BAG art into cards and prints.  The cards are Not your usual cards.  You can take the print off the front and frame it!  So you are actually getting a card which is a print for $45 for 5 (mixed) including postage.  Click on the shop above to order.


Last year I had a wonderful gift, surprise, call it what you will - I have a four page article on my work in the Journal of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.  I am beyond excited.


I am very proud of being trained at the Smithsonian, and totally appreciated the life-affirming opportunity

I was given.  I would like to repeat it - but you can't go back.  Most of the people I worked with were older

when I was there, and have passed on long since.  I soaked up what they could teach and have used the

knowledge every day since. 

In 1983 I lost all my research, all my artwork, all my pages from that time.  

This month a whole manila folder of drawings from that time reappeared like magic.  

I took it as a sign, and will use it to spring onto my painting life once again.

My training in Scientific illustration is valuable and essential in my work as a tea bag illustrator.  

You can see my work on instagram, at The Mount Macedon Gallery, and in my shop on this site.  

COMMISSIONS GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED.  Please email me to discuss details.

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